the revision projects


  1. Prime Cut collaborated with Creative Exchange and Oh Yeah Music, creating an installation developed over 6 months working with people with Dementia, their friends, families and carers.

Community partners on the project included Bruce House, Hemsworth Court, Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court.

Through visual art, music, soundscape and video The Re:Vision
installation enabled audiences to gain a greater insight into the experiences of people living with Dementia, highlighting the challenges, changes and preconceptions that they face on a daily basis.

The Project Launch was held at the Bean Bag Cinema in April 2016.

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This was the second installment of Prime Cut’s older people’s programme, using arts workshops to improve the lives of older people in residential accommodation. Residents of Glenalina Lodge, Sydenham Court and Mullan Mews took part in drama and music workshops culminating in a short film of their experiences.

The project was supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts and Older People programme.