Welcome to Prime Cut Productions Theatre Company

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and formed in 1992, Prime Cut Productions is at the forefront of contemporary international theatre across the island of Ireland. With over 30 Irish and Northern Irish Premieres to our name, Prime Cut have a well deserved reputation for producing award-winning, critically acclaimed professional theatre, that challenges, provokes, inspires, entertains and enthralls.

CREATE:- To produce quality, contemporary, international theatre for Northern Irish audiences and beyond.
INNOVATE:- To contribute to the development of Northern Irish theatre practice creating links between local and international artists.
PARTICIPATE:- To create innovative Community Engagement projects which create a platform for expression and engagement for those who are most disadvantaged in our society.

"Prime Cut is one of Ireland's finest theatrical companies" - The Belfast Telegraph

"It is a credit to the director, the women and Prime Cut to have so skillfully developed and presented one of Northern Ireland’s most unique and engaging theatre productions."  - Gilly Campbell: Drama and Dance Officer- ACNI (The Demeter Project: Still Life Still 2011)

"The collaboration with Frantic Assembly was a genius idea and typical of Prime Cut’s creative ambitions and achievements."  - Anne McReynolds: CEO The MAC (Actors Lab 2010)

"An incredible production by Prime Cut of Philip Ridley's play Vincent River,  it's one of the strongest 2 handers I have seen in a long time. It's a formidable show." - Marie Louise Muir (Vincent River 2010)

"This Prime Cut production is high quality and Ciaran Bagnall’s design is brilliant." - Evening Echo (Woman & Scarecrow 2009)

"Emma Jordan's directorial debut in this Prime Cut Irish premiere is sensitive, measured and deliberate, cooly capturing the queasy opening scenes, and the role reversal of the dark finale." - Irish Times (After The End 2008)

"Prime Cut deserves huge praise for bringing home this complex, swirling play, with its cast of 21 actors who never leave the stage." - The Irish Times (Scenes From The Big Picture 2007)

"Prime Cut have produced a rich subtle and superbly acted Endgame, which captures all the dark beauty of Beckett’s masterpiece" -  Culture Northern Ireland (Endgame 2006)