Chilean Trilogy

Prime Cut Productions in collaboration with the MAC present a series of exhilerating Chilean plays in an ambitious co-production.

This will run from the 27th May - 14th June. Ticket prices range from £12 - £22.

Double Bill: Villa & Discurso by Guillermo Calderon, translated by William Gregory

"The truth is, it isn't over. I'd rather there was no museum. I'd rather it wasn't over. I'd rather still be marginalised and bitter."

During the Pinochet regime in Chile, approximately 5,000 detainees were brought to Villa Grimaldi. Most were tortured, hundreds were "disappeared". Today, the Villa has been demolished and three young women are deciding how to remodel the blood-soaked building complex. How should modern Chile respond to this unwanted legacy? Should it have a new life or remain a memorial to the crimes committed there? How should we remember the violence of the state?
A satirical play which uncovers the dark humour about how to move forward (or not) in a post-conflict society.

Discurso translated by
Michelle Bachlet, Chile's president from 2006-2010, makes her farewell speech on leaving office but she is not being as gracious and diplomatic as she should be. Is she saying what she really thinks or is someone putting words in her mouth?

"Unexpectedly funny moments are followed by references that free our smile humane and without self pity." Financial Times on Villa and Discurso

Tejas Verdes by Ferman Cabal translated by Robert Shaw
"We don't allow ourselves to hear. If we could, life would be unbearable."
Tejas Verdes ('Green Gables'), once a sea-side resort, was an infamous Chilean torture and detention centre during the Pinochet coup in 1973. Fermin Cabal's humane and powerful play traces the life of a young woman who vanishes one night in Santiago. Beneath the tolling of the church bells, her voice and the voices of those who share her story ring out with poetic beauty and overwhelming love.

"Eloquently translated, impossible to forget." The Guardian.

Underway with Ensemble

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