Re:Vision Installation at the Bean Bag Cinema

As part of the Arts Council of Northern Irelands Arts and Older People Programme we are launching the Re:Vision Installation. This will run from the 26th - 29th of April from 11am - 4pm at the Bean Bag Cinema. The installation is the culmination of work in collaboration with the Oh Yeah Centre and Creative Exchange, working with people with Dementia, their friends, families and carers. Engaging with over 100 people over 6 months we have created visual art, music, and audio soundscapes that reflect the experiences of the participants.

For more information on the project and to book tickets, which are free, visit the RE:VISION Project page.

Welcome to Prime Cut Productions Theatre Company

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and formed in 1992, Prime Cut Productions is at the forefront of contemporary international theatre across the island of Ireland. With over 30 Irish and Northern Irish Premieres to our name, Prime Cut have a well deserved reputation for producing award-winning, critically acclaimed professional theatre, that challenges, provokes, inspires, entertains and enthralls.

CREATE:- To produce quality, contemporary, international theatre for Northern Irish audiences and beyond.
INNOVATE:- To contribute to the development of Northern Irish theatre practice creating links between local and international artists.
PARTICIPATE:- To create innovative Community Engagement projects which create a platform for expression and engagement for those who are most disadvantaged in our society.

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