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Prime Cut Demeter Project - Primary Schools Workshops - Timeline

As part of the Demeter Project, workshops were run in various Primary Schools throughout Belfast.

Around 250 pupils participated in these workshops, which looked at either "Family Life", "Women at Work" or "Times of Upheaval".

The workshops lasted for about 90 minutes, with the aim of getting the children up and discovering about the history of their city. Although there were 3 topics, the premise of the workshops was the same, getting the children to look at their own experiences today and then through facts and various games comparing this to different times in Belfast's history.

The workshops were supported by a resource pack that provided the children with additional areas that the could explore.



Demeter Archive - Times of Upheaval

Prime Cut Demeter Archive - Women Protest against Home Rule   Prime Cut Demeter Project - Street Celebrations at the end of World War 2   Prime Cut Demeter Archive - A Ration Book from 1953   Prime Cut Demeter Archive - the Civil Rights Movement


Women's Suffrage is the right of women to vote. Woman campaigning for the vote from the peaceful to more active methods like protests and marches were called Suffragettes. Suffragettes wanted to vote, be treated as equal with men and have a voice in running the country.

Demeter Archive - Women at Work

Prime Cut Demeter Archive - Women Against the Cuts Protest     Prime Cut Demeter Archive - Bleaching and Passing in the Mills    Prime Cut Demeter Archive - Women in the Winding Room   Prime Cut Demeter Archive - Yarn Reeling

Women in Northern Ireland and Belfast have always worked in and outside the home, though it is only work done outside the home for pay that is traditionally thought of as work. In the early 20th there was a shift from agriculture and domestic work to working in factories, mills and other industries in Northern Ireland and especially in Belfast. Belfast was known as a vibrant commercial and industrial centre in the 18th and 19th centuries.   These thriving industries included linen, rope-making, tobacco, engineering and shipbuilding. It was the linen industry and the production of textiles that were predominately women’s work, daughters following sisters and mothers who followed their mothers, generation after generation.   


Demeter Archive - Family Life

In the photographs and images donated to the Demeter Archive, Belfast women can be seen in all phases of family life. These images and stories give details of daily life and the challenges and joys of growing up and starting families of their own.

Prime Cut Demeter Archive - women paddlingPrime Cut Demeter Archive - 3 ChildrenPrime Cut Demeter Archive - Bath Time

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