Criminal Genius - Irish Premier

George Walker
Jackie Doyle
John Hewitt, Richard Dormer, Kris Halpin, Maria Connolly, Conleth Hill
Creative Team: 
Designer - Stuart Marshall, Lighting Design - John Riddell
1st Dec 1999
18th Dec 1999
Old Museum Arts Centre

" Rolly! The plan had three parts...
PART ONE - break into a restaurant
PART TWO - set fire to the restaurant
PART THREE - come here and wait for me to contact you. What I want to know is why you skipped parts one and two and went directly to three."

Armed only with their policy of non-violence, Rolly and Stevie - father and son and partners in crime - are thinking seriously about their criminal careers. Shirley and Amanda are determined to reach the top and they won't let the mafia stand in their way. And Phillie, well he's prepared to give anything a shot, as long as it's at least 40% volume!