Shoot The Crow

Owen McCafferty
Emma Jordan
Ryhs Dunlop Stephen Kennedy Fergal McElheron Ciaran McIntyre
10th Feb, 2011
26th Feb, 2011
The Waterfront Studio 10 - 19 Feb / The Theatre At The Mill, Newtownabbey 24 Feb/ The Marketplace Theatre Armagh 25 Feb / The Alley, Strabane 26 Feb 2011

Ding Ding, Randolph, Socrates and Petesy - four tilers working on a belfast building dreaming of better things. Theres an opportunity to make a few bob on the sly, but not all of them can commit the same petty crime...

McCafferty's acclaimed comedy has been presented around the world from the West End to Tokyo. This is the first time that Northern irish audiences will get to see his hilarious and moving homage to the working man