Demeter Primary School Feedback

"Children seemed to enjoy this workshop and took part in discussions and activities. Would be interested in continuing this type of work in future" Orlaith Ni Dhaibhin Bunscoil Mhic Reachtain

"As we have never covered WW2, the children learnt a lot and it was interesting to see how they could draw on current knowledge to reach conclusions about Belfast at this time. The Drama aspect was excellent - children really enjoyed this and it has certainly encouraged me to do more of this type of work in the future." Loughview Intergrated Primary School P7 FM class

"Relevant - the tasks really made the children think and built to a good conclusion relating to Belfast's history. Very interactive and practical - the children were involved and engaged. It was well delivered and paced with the right time spent on each activity. Very enjoyable." Stranmillis Primary School P5 class

"The workshop was very relevant and children were highly engaged and motivated throughout. As their class teacher I would welcome a series of these workshops exploring these topics further." Loughview Intergrated Primary School  P7 AM class

"Good way of raising awareness of social history in Belfast. Very enjoyable and well structured. Children enjoyed and learnt from the games and the question/answer sessions. Excellent fun way of learning." St. Josephs Primary School P6 and P7

"Linked very well to work, starting on Victorian Belfast. Drama was used very effetively to allow children to work in groups and individually." Malvern Primary School

"Related well to the children's knowledge of their history. Very well run and children really enjoyed the experience." Blackmountain Primary School P6 and P7

"The workshop built on the pupils' previous knowledge and understanding very well. Really effective questions and answers + instructor led conversations made this successful. The pupils enjoyed the activities and asked questions throughout. The instructors' calm, encouraging and positive way with the children ensured it was a very beneficial experience for the class." Elmgrove Primary School P7