Feedback from Still Life Still

Feedback from Audience Member who saw "Still Life Still" as part of the Demeter Project

“Congrats! Loved it all” P.Sanders

“Well done. It was an amazing experience!” Judy O’Neill

“Fantastic! Bathroom girl will stay with me forever.” Robbie O’Connor

“Loved it. Such a personal experience.” Janice Martin

“Very enjoyable. Great performance.” Mara Clendinny

“Really very good and so well performed by all the girls.” Lila and Jimmy Kerr

“Excellent. So good. Kids were brill.” Lorraine Gearon

“Great entertainment.” Patricia Gearon

“Absolutely amazing. Enjoyed every part. Well done everyone.” Deirdre Leon

“Felt part of the show. Well done. Brill” Sandra Walsh

“Fantastic show. Congratulations to all.” Debbie Boss

“It felt so special. Loved the women and girls guiding me through the experience. Beautiful and very moving.” Una Kavanagh

“Extremely thought provoking!” Judy Lindsay

“Fair play to all of you. You held yourselves so well; so moving. Thanks for this.” Damien Gorman

“Experience after experience – homely, beautiful, scary and ghostly. Congrats to all.” Moya Hinds

“Food for thought – a very unique experience.” Luke Conlon

“Brillient event! Should continue as a permanent exhibition” Dave Custy

“Well Done. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Costumes superb.” Peggy McCafferty

“Very different – v. enjoyable!” Dawn Monk

“Beautiful, moving experience. Thank you ladies.” Heather Toso

“Very emotional, strong and wonderful. Thank you girls for showing how great we are.” Cathy Toner

“Just brilliant! Well done girls – you were fab!” Gemma Mae Halligan

“Am lost for words. I just want to cry – it was truly brilliant.” Marianne Crossley

“Powerful, emotional, and incredible uplifting achievement. Well done everyone.” Lesley Doherty

“Absolutely fantastic. Definitely brought you back!” Keli Prennce

“Really good experience, brought back some funny memories.” Paula Gillies

“Well done! Very memorable for an old lady.” Anita Rooney

“Powerful and brilliant. Loved it all. Well done. Do it again soon.” Graham Farrow

“Powerful, brilliant and memorable experience. “ Caitlin Kearns

“A moving and emotional journey. Well done.” Gillian Magnall

“Absoutely stunning! Beautiful, moving and an experience I will remember.” Michelle Young

“One of the most beautiful and moving pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Thank you thank you thank you” Louise Matthews.

“Amazing. One of the most powerful performance events I have seen in a v. long time. Thanks”    Anne McReynolds

“Moving, shocking, unforgettable. Wow” Terry Loane

“Excellent, evocative. Well portrayed, powerful and thought provoking.” Gerry Berry

“Loved the hug. Excellent show. Thanks for the tea.” Maureen Best

“Thought provoking, moving, memory jogging – an altogether unique and wonderful experience – more of the same needed. Thank you.” Pat Black

“Well done everyone. A very moving, exciting, fun experience and I felt very, very special during the show. Thank you all for your generosity – fantastic stuff.” Niamh Shaw